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Amie Thomasson: Objections to Easy Ontology | WSB #24

January 23, 2018

Last week, Amie Thomasson explained "easy ontology", her preferred approach to resolving the proliferation of ontological debates in recent decades. This week she addresses objections.

Perhaps most pressingly: is easy ontology too easy? There might be a feeling that this is all a linguistic trick that is sidestepping the real question of the actual existence of something. Another important objection is that easy ontology grants existence to way too much. Do we really want to accept that "the sum of my nose and the Eiffel Tower" is a thing that really exists? And what about vagueness - doesn't easy ontology fall prey to the sorites paradox? Professor Thomasson tackles these and other objections to her method. She concludes with a picture of what would be next for ontology if we accepted easy ontology as the solution to the metaontological debate.

Next week: Steve Patterson: Against Academia

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Ontology Made Easy by Amie Thomasson
Ordinary Objects by Amie Thomasson
"Metaphysical Disputes and Metalinguistic Negotiations" by Amie Thomasson