Who Shaves the Barber?

Brian Nuckols on Dreams, Pt. 3: Techniques | WSB #11

October 24, 2017

In this final installment of our interview, Brian Nuckols begins by explaining the metaphysical and social implications of dreams within dreams and recurring dreams. We then pass through a fascinating digression on how falsifiability applies to psychoanalysis and on the politics surrounding therapeutic modalities. We conclude with Brian's actionable suggestions for the curious listener, divided into three parts: remembering our dreams, interpreting our dreams, and lucid dreaming.

Next week: Against Certainty, Pt. 1: Knowledge and Experience

Special thanks for Jackie Blum for the podcast art, and The Tin Box for the theme music.

"An Overview of Lucid Dreaming Tech" by Brian Nuckols
"Kicking Anima Possession for Fun and Profit" by Brian Nuckols