Who Shaves the Barber?

Tomasz Kaye, Pt. 3: Omniveillance | WSB #20

December 26, 2017

The last 250 years have created an explosion in technological progress that has fundamentally changed human society. Can we expect the rate of technological improvement to accelerate even further? If so, how might those developments transform humanity? Might some of the changes be so fundamental as to render our ideas about social and political ethics moot?

After some musings on possible transhumanist developments, Tomasz and I zero in on one in particular: omniveillance. Omniveillance refers to a society in which everything is recorded and everyone has the ability to check what anyone else is doing. This would be the end of privacy as we know it. As scary as this outcome sounds, Tomasz explains the reasons we can expect it to happen even if no one wants it. We also discuss reasons it may not be as horrible as it initially sounds. We conclude with some thoughts on how the omniveillent society might exercise horizontal social control, in potentially good and bad ways.

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Special thanks to Jackie Blum for the podcast art, and The Tin Box for the theme music.


"Neuralink and the Brain's Magical Future" by Tim Urban
"Mutually Assured Snooping" by Tomasz Kaye
The Transparent Society by David Brin