Who Shaves the Barber?

What Is Logic? What Are Paradoxes? | WSB #1

August 14, 2017

Logic is one of these things we all have intuitions about. Most of us think we know how to use it. But what actually IS it? When we say, "that's not logical," or, "logic dictates that x," are we all referring to the same thing? Most of us would agree that logic is a fundamental aspect of how we reason - that, in fact, we can't reason without it. But then, if there are disagreements about how logic works - and there are! - how can we decide which side is right without presupposing some type of logic?

Next week: Intro to the Liar and Its Variations

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Sources for this episode:
The Blue Book
 (Ludwig Wittgenstein)
Graham Priest's talk on settling disputes in logic
An Introduction to Non-Classical Logic (textbook)

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